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Sales Call Planning

Have you been part of sales calls consisting of the salesperson talking about themselves, their company and their product with very few questions directed towards the prospect? Usually this happens when the salesperson is not prepared for the sales call. He/she gets a trick question from the prospect like, “tell me about your company,” or “how do you stack up against XYZ?” The salesperson goes from being in control of the appointment to being controlled by the prospect.

Sales Superstars are like commercial airline pilots. They have a checklist that they

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Individual DI Coverage in the Corporate World

An often overlooked opportunity for those practitioners marketing group coverage as the foundation of their practices are the exposures that exist in the group products that the clients have purchased.

Indeed, in the case of disability income coverage, it is worthy of consideration by the group professional as there may very well be significant gaps that need filled, and holes that need to be addressed in the implemented group disability coverage. Very often those that are most exposed are the very decision makers that the professional may be working with on

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FAST IDI Underwriting

Speed to issue is a closely watched statistic at many of the individual disability insurance carriers. The days of underwriting at a snails pace are over. Simplified applications, imaging, increased levels of coverage without medical testing requirements and changes to the financial documentation are just some of the reasons that IDI underwriting response is better than ever.

While the carriers are doing a great job positively impacting the process, an application, and therefore the underwriting process, begins with the financial professional.

Let’s examine the FAST protocol.

Field Underwriting
It’s a fact, the definition of

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Do This One Thing Every Week And Earn $6 Million Dollars

“And It’s Not Buying A Lottery Ticket”

Presented By:

Chris Carlson
The DI Coach
Seattle, WA


Chris Carlson is one of the few sales professionals versed in the intricacies of the income protection sales process!

Chris’ professional background includes successful experience as both a Disability Insurance Marketing Consultant and as a professional Sales Coach to the financial services industry.

He combines his knowledge of the DI industry with his coaching expertise to provide a truly unique perspective in his coaching of producers.

Space is Limited so Don’t Delay ~ This session will provide you with a

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Don’t Undersell Your Business Owner Clients

Stop and think. Let’s do a client profile. Think of your clients who are self-employed or part owners of a small company. Now think of these business owner clients who have 15 or fewer employees and are the primary generators of their business revenue. Okay, write down their names.

If you don’t have any yet, let me give you some examples: attorneys, architects, dentists, manufacturer’s reps, small retail shop owners, hairstylists, physicians, chiropractors, podiatrists, salesmen, financial planners, accountants and many more.

In reviewing your client’s insurance needs, have you touched on the

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The Power of 4

“How You Can Succeed in the Business Market by Using Comprehensive Disability Planning”

Presented By:

Michael J. Sir
Disability Income Regional Vice President
Minneapolis, MN


Mike joined Principal Financial Group in 1997 and is the Disability Income Regional Vice President (DI RVP) covering the states of Minnesota, North and South Dakota and western Wisconsin.

Mike has more than 27 years of experience in the Disability Insurance Industry – a career that began in 1986 as an agent for Security Mutual Life of Nebraska selling life, DI and health insurance in the personal and business

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Claims Anatomy & Ground Rules

“Caring at Every Step”

Learn how an individual disability insurance claims team manages real life situations!

Don’t be accused of placing products when you don’t know how they work! Attend this informative webinar and learn more about how claims are adjudicated.

This session will provide you with a learning opportunity to understand the “life cycle” of a typical individual disability income claim. You will also learn the role of a carrier’s internal legal department when called to review a claim. Then you will have the opportunity to walk through a “real life” claim

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Cracking the Physician Code

“How Financial Advisors Can Acquire More Physician Clients and Keep Them for Life”

Don’t miss this career changing opportunity!

Dr. Rackner will share her insider insights collected through her diverse 25 year medical career treating tens of thousands of patients, holding a clinical faculty appointment at the University of Washington School of Medicine coaching financial advisors on “Cracking the Physician Code”.

The Plus Group and Dr. Rackner will help you take the guess-work out of physician engagement. You will learn proven strategies and tactics which will help you break past gatekeepers and take

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10 Tips on Placing the Medically or Occupationally Challenging DI Cases

“How Financial Advisors Can Acquire More Physician Clients and Keep Them for Life”

Do You Have Clients or Prospects That…

  • were previously rejected for disability income coverage?
  • work in high risk occupations?
  • suffer from chronic conditions such as diabetes, obesity, cardiomyopathy, crohn’s disease, arthritis or depression?

Then you MUST attend this webinar!
The Plus Group is proud to offer high quality products and solutions which will help you quickly and efficiently transition your clients to the special risk markets.

Aggressively underwritten disability coverage means a higher success rate and more compensation for you!

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MetLife’s New Individual DI Product: Income Guard

A special Plus Group webinar to introduce the new individual disability portfolio product from Metlife: Income Guard

There’s been a changing of the guard at MetLife.

Introducing MetLife Income Guard disability insurance.

MetLife’s new individual disability insurance product may give your clients more protection, more flexibility, and more competitive rates.

Join this special webinar to learn more about this ground breaking new product. You need to be on this webinar!

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