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Video: DI Sales Ideas from The Plus Group® and MetLife®

May 18, 2015

DI Sales Ideas from The Plus Group® and MetLife®

The Plus Group® is your trusted partner in providing the latest in sales education for disability insurance product. Teaming with the strongest carriers to deliver you the best options for your clients is just one of the reasons The Plus Group®  is your best resource for all things DI. Contact us today to see how we can work for you.

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Video: The Plus Group® Introduction

August 28, 2014

The Plus Group® Introduction

Built on a foundation of a superior personalized service with a local human touch, the Plus Group® partnership was formed in 1998 as an organization dedicated to providing training, in disability insurance products, to select insurance agents, employee benefit Advisors, CPAs, financial planners, and marketing partners. Since that time, The Plus Group® has become the preferred disability income product and planning resource for thousands of financial and insurance professionals across the country.

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Video: Individual Disability Income

August 27, 2014

Individual Disability Income

What is your most valuable asset? Most people would say their home. Now well it may be true that your biggest expenditure is your home. The truth is your most valuable asset is your ability to work and to earn an income. We insure our home and we insure our vehicles, why would we not insure our most valuable asset?

What would happen if you became too sick or hurt to work?
What would happen to your income?
How would you pay your bills?
What would happen to your long term financial

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Video: Business Overhead Expense

August 26, 2014

Business Overhead Expense

Business owners work very hard to attract and keep clients. Their door seems to always be open and the thought of telling clients to do business with someone probably never crosses their mind. However, it could come to that if a business owner became too sick or hurt to work.

Can the business survive without the owner generating income for a month, six months or even more than a year?
Who would pay the office expenses like rent, salaries, utilities and loan payments?
Would the business lose key employees?
If the owner

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