Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance

No one likes to think about what their life would be like when they are sick or hurt and unable to work. As a financial professional, it is your responsibility that they do!

The Plus Group® is the preferred disability income product and planning resource for thousands of financial professionals around the country. We are the recognized experts in the industry and are dedicated to supporting your efforts to protect your clients against the perils of disability.

Some of our solutions include:

Individual Income Protection

blog014The odds that disability will strike are greater than most people believe. According to the American Council of Life Insurers, one-third of all Americans between the ages of 35 and 65 will face a disability of at least 90 days. Disability planning is a key component of any sound financial and risk management plan. When your clients lose their ability to work, their dreams for the future are imperiled. How will the bills be paid? What happens to their home? Will the children still be able to go to college? Will they be able to enjoy a secure retirement? The questions are as numerous and varied as the individual cases we encounter on a daily basis.

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Physician's Disability Insurance

blog018Just like the specialized tools physicians use to treat a patient, you will require a special skill set when designing and implementing physician disability plans. The Plus Group® offers you an unparalleled level of support and expertise, along with the top physician disability income contracts in the marketplace.

Not only do we know the difference between "own occupation", "transitional your occupation" and "specialty own occupation", we know how to help you diagnose your physician client's needs and recommend the best course of treatment.

What types of solutions will you find in our medical DI bag? Here are just a few examples of the programs we can help you deliver which are designed just for the medical market:
• Occupation specific disability plans with the definitions your clients want!
• The highest issue and participation limits in the industry!
• Plans designed just for medical students and residents!
• Income protection programs for protecting retirement plan contributions!
• Overhead expense and buy/sell funding programs.
• Guaranteed Standard Issue programs for select medical groups!

It's easy to see why the prescription for growing your business is contacting The Plus Group® office nearest you. With 20 locations around the country, no other organization offers you as much!

That's a Plus!

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Special Risk Disability Insurance

blog019Disability Insurance is not just for people in great health. However, it is an unfortunate fact that not everyone can qualify for disability income protection. Many times a client with a past or on-going medical condition will be turned down by the traditional marketplace.

The experts at The Plus Group® can help. We offer a full platform of special risk disability plans and our experience and access to markets will give you the confidence you need. We'll help your clients who need it the most to find the best possible disability insurance solution.

With 20 locations around the country, The Plus Group® provides local service from the nation's top disability insurance experts!

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High-Limit Disability Insurance

blog020What level of income protection is adequate? Even though the pundits will ascribe a blanket percentage, the reality is that it will vary by client. Some have greater needs than others and your ability to respond may be the difference in turning your prospect into a client.

For the highly compensated you will find you may be constrained by the issue and participation limits to low benefit levels when compared to the income your client is earning. Is there any reason your client's financial health should be jeopardized by a very low disability insurance replacement ratio?

High limit disability income plans will help you address this issue and your local Plus Group® expert is the person to turn to when designing these plans. We offer 20 locations strategically located around the country. We provide you with the products and services that will make you the choice of highly compensated clients looking to secure their financial plans from the ravages of a disability!

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Guaranteed Issue Disability Insurance

blog007The impact of a disability can be devastating. Having adequate disability income protection will go a long way to helping the disabled individual recover, both financially and physically.

One potential issue is the likelihood that your clients income protection plan is entirely dependent on the Group Long Term Disability (LTD) plan at the workplace. While LTD plans offer valuable benefits, they do not provide the comprehensive income protection solution that most employees need.

GSI plans offer tremendous flexibility. They can be designed on an employer pay all basis or as a voluntary offering. GSI plans will often times fill holes in the LTD plan, protecting income the LTD plan does not or providing higher levels of coverage or higher maximum benefits. And, with plans available for as few as five employees, GSI opportunities abound!

Don't let your clients fall victim to a false sense of security. Guaranteed Standard Issue disability insurance plans will separate you from the crowd and help you to grow your disability income business. Your local Plus Group® expert has the unequaled expertise in designing and implementing GSI plans.

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Business Overhead Expense Insurance

blog009Your small business owner clients are fully engaged in making their business thrive. Oftentimes this means working long hours and devoting all of their financial resources toward the business.
But how long will their business survive when a disability strikes?

There are things we do know. Their regular living expenses will likely stay the same or even increase. The business expenses will continue be incurred and the income needed to pay for both personal and business expenses will be interrupted.

What is the solution? A properly designed Business Overhead Expense plan will make sure the expenses at the business are paid. This means the rent check will go out on time, employees don't have to worry about their income, and your client can focus on getting better without the fear of the business collapsing before he or she is ready to come back.

The Plus Group® offers experts in 20 offices around the country. We offer unequaled expertise with the local service you can't find any where else. Why settle for less?

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Disability Buy Sell Insurance Program

blog003A buy sell agreement is only as good as the ability of the remaining partner to find the cash to fulfill the agreement.

Most business owners recognize the importance of funding the agreement should one of them die prematurely. But oftentimes the disability risk is left unaddressed, even though statistics suggest it is more likely to occur.

So where will the money come from? A properly funded buy sell agreement should include Disability Buy Sell coverage! But who can you trust to make sure the recommendations you make are the best available in the marketplace?

No one else offers the expertise of The Plus Group®. With 20 offices around the nation, The Plus Group® is undeniably the country's top source for business disability planning products!

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The Plus Group® is also dedicated to training and professionalism. We will help you learn more about the solutions we offer with access to scheduled training sessions and innovative educational programs. As founders of the annual DI Day® conference, we continue to demonstrate our commitment to education.


Don’t hesitate to contact your local Plus Group® office for more information on how an affiliation will benefit your practice and your clients.