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A Taste of Know More! Selling

Now you can know more than you ever thought you could (or should) about your prospects, clients, and competition.

Business and sales is all about personal relationships. When you know more about your prospects and clients, you’re better able to relate on a personal level, build more meaningful connections, identify triggering events, and ensure relevancy.

In this dynamic presentation, you will experience a taste of the critically acclaimed Know More! program being adopted by organizations around the world with incredible results. With Know More! you will discover…

Web search secrets that you never

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Are You Writing The New Business Disability Plans?

The business market has long been the “sweet spot” of the successful disability income planner. However, most producers don’t have the in depth knowledge of the myriad of products and programs that exist. Is this your situation?

A 30 minute webinar will not provide you with all the information you will need, but it will expose you to some of the innovative products and underwriting programs that are available.

This session will provide answers to these and other questions:

How can I protect my client against losing their retirement plan balances when disability

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The Success Of Your Disability Planning Presentation

Learn New Ways The Council For Disability Awareness Can Help You Become A Disability Guru

Did You Know: Advisors who ask the right questions, build trust by focusing on needs, and who are confident in their recommendations succeed in obtaining and satisfying clients.

Success is born of preparation and knowledge.

Join us on April 25th and in just 30 minutes you will learn how you can develop the knowledge you need to more confidently uncover disability needs and present disability planning solutions.

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Five Secrets to Selling DI in the Medical Market

Physicians have always been avid consumers of the individual disability income product. So what could possibly be “new” in this market?

Did you know… in 2002 the “Medical Market Share” of newly issued individual DI premium was 27.7%. By 2010 it had grown to 40.7% of all newly issued premium in the marketplace?

Did you know… in the teeth of the Great Recession the annual new sales growth rate for physicians and dentists was over 8% while other professions were seeing double digit declines.

Are your DI sales increasing? Are you working effectively

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Mastering the Key Referral Step

6 Ways To Be Specific With Your Referral Request

Presented By Matt Anderson
The Referral Authority

Space is Limited so Don’t Delay ~ This meeting will increase your referrals and help you earn more income in 2012 and beyond!

Download the PDF that accompanies the webinar

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How to Grow Your Disability Sales through Associations

Presented by:

The Plus Group

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Learn how you can grow your individual disability insurance sales by approaching associations. During the call, we will share the importance of income protection and why it’s an important (*free*) benefit an association can make available to its members. You’ll gain insight into the marketplace, as well as tips for approaching association executives and their members.

Please note, pre-registration is NOT needed for this Live Audio conference. Participants should dial 888-262-0101, where they will be greeted by an operator and placed into the audio

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Strike Gold in the Small Business Market with Guaranteed Standard Issue Short-Term Disability!

Presented by:

Jill Dolan
Brokerage Health Sales Director, Mutual of Omaha

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Short-term disability makes up a majority of the one billion plus voluntary guaranteed renewable DI sales made on an annual basis. And with the current environment, voluntary sales will only continue to grow. Learn how you can jump on this growing opportunity, prospect smarter and multiply your DI sales with Guaranteed Standard Issue Underwriting in the small business market.

Please note, pre-registration is NOT needed for this Live Audioconference. Participants should dial 888-262-0101, where they

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Disability Buy Sell Plans

Presented by:
Lori Boggs
Sales Manager Met Life, DI

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If you could find a market where virtually every business owner recognized a planning need but hardly any of them had completed this process, would that excite you? Disability buy sell planning could be your way to more sales. This learning call will explore the unique considerations of this business and the funding options which will help your clients assure the plan they make will turn into reality when disability strikes.

Please note, pre-registration is NOT needed

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Charge Up Your DI Sales Success – GSI

Presented by:
Steve Brady, 2nd VP IDI Sales
The Standard

Presented by:
Don Schamay, CFP, Disability Income Regional Vice President
The Principal Financial Group

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Underwriting can be an insurmountable obstacle when working in the employer sponsored market. However, you don’t have to face this possibility if you know the secrets of the Guaranteed Standard Issue market. For many carriers, this is the growth engine of the disability income business. Have you cranked up your DI sales with GSI business?

Please note, pre-registration is NOT needed for this Live

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Finding the Answer When Your Client Asks the Question

Presented by:
Barry E. Lundquist, CLU, President of the Council for Disability awareness

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The Council for Disability Awareness (CDA) is leading the way in the development of resources which will help you sell more by knowing more. Attend this informative Plus Group Audio Call and you’ll learn the secrets behind how the CDA’s research and tools will give you quick access to the answers to the questions your clients ask.

Stop fumbling around with old statistics and worn out lines. Get the straight

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