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    There are two kinds of financial advisors in the medical market: the high-performers and the hobbyists. High performers go places and get results.

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    Disability Income (DI) insurance products can provide income when you are sick or hurt and suffer a loss of ability to earn an income. DI is important coverage for those who rely on earned income to achieve their dreams and goals.

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    Many of us remember the 1980’s, which veteran DI producers continue to refer to as The Good Old Days. Hundreds of carriers were offering disability insurance, not only to their field force, but to brokers as well. It was The Best of Times.

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    For working Americans, finding a way to make all the financial ends meet is as challenging as it has ever been. People are making hard choices and this is especially true for America’s working middle class.

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    The Long Term Care Insurance Industry went through a major change early this decade with the introduction of rate stabilization legislation throughout the country.

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    Large amounts of life insurance are purchased every year after one realizes how their death would impact their families standard of living. Few people have given the same consideration in protecting their families in the event of a disability.

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    The Individual Disability Income landscape has changed in two significant ways over the past few years. These two changes present an opportunity to Insurance Brokers who are interested in to taking advantage of them.

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    If you do disability planning for your clients, then Critical Illness (CI) Insurance, needs to be considered an integral part of any complete Disability Insurance (DI) Plan.

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    A Group Long Term Disability plan is a great benefit for employees. But what can a recent claim tell us about the adequacy of the LTD plan? Read Ken's article to learn more about the reality of disability and Group LTD.

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    An all-too-common occurrence in our industry is the fear of making telephone calls. Steve's insights will help you conquer fear and excel as a prospector!

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    Are you offering half a buy sell agreement to your clients? DI Buy-Out and Business Overhead Expense plans are an important part of any properly constructed plan!

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    Financial underwriting isn't just about "earned income". Read Jeff's article to learn how you can avoid surprises by understanding the impact of "unearned income"!

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    Sales call planning is an important part of your success! So why don't sales professionals do it? Learn more from a top sales coach who knows your business - because he's been there!

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    Phillips, CLU, LTCP

    Ray Phillips offers insight into the opportunities that exist in supplementing the Group LTD plans most of our "comporate" clients have. Learn more to earn more!

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    What can you do to impact your effectiveness in the IDI market? Why not employ the FAST concept. Read George's article to learn more about the opportunity you have to add some zip to your business!

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    Getting LTCI coverage in place is more important now than ever! Ken Sapon's article will give you some great reasons to not let the current economic situation get in the way of your clients making good decisions about protecting their future!

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    Business Overhead Expense insurance is a must have for small to mid-sized business owners who are looking for a complete disability income solution.

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