Old Fashioned Underwriting

Old Fashioned Underwriting

Presented by:
Jim Poland
Standard Insurance Company

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Remember when things were simple and easy? Wouldn't it be nice if they were that way again? Well, they can be.

Learn how to write IDI business without the need for:

  • medical exams or tests
  • income documentation
  • attending physician statements, or
  • personal history interviews

If you have been involved in the disability income business for a number of years, you may lament the days of “easy” underwriting. Well take heart, Old Fashioned Underwriting from The Standard may be just the thing to get you excited about individual DI again! Start your year off right with this informative session which will explain the exciting opportunities that Standard’s simplified underwriting process will open for you.

Please note, pre-registration is NOT needed for this Live Audio conference. Participants should dial 888-262-0101, where they will be greeted by an operator and placed into the audio conference. Neither a Pass Code nor PIN number is needed to participate.

Space is limited and will be secured on a first come / first serve basis. If you are unable to be placed on the call, a recording (along with the PowerPoint presentation) will be available on our website at www.plusgroupus.com within a week after the learning call.

A link to the presentation in PPT and PDF format is below:

Click Here for the PDF that accompanies the webinar
Click Here to Download the PowerPoint that accompanies the webinar


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