Real Life Cases with Real Life Solutions, part 2

Real Life Cases with Real Life Solutions, part 2

Presented by:
Petersen International Underwriters

Please Join Petersen International Underwriters and The Plus Group® to find out what to do when not all clients present a standard insurance issue or situation. Businesses and individuals many times have needs that exceed the scope and capabilities of primary disability carriers. Using real life case studies, we will share real life solutions. Key Disability Case studies to be covered:

  • Show Me The Max – When One Carrier Maximum isn’t Enough!
  • The Two-in-One Challenge!
  • What To Do When Others Think You Are Too Old for DI?
  • I Get a Bang Out Of This – Every Day People Who Need DI and Usually Can’t from the Traditional Markets!
  • Penalties if You Travel Aboard!
  • Pain Pays – More is Better!
  • Too Short for Your Height?
  • The Three-in-One Challenge!
  • The Bank Is Asking!

Please note that you will NOT need to pre-register for this Live Audio conference. All participants should dial into 888-262-0101 where they will be greeted by an operator and placed into the conference.You do NOT need any passcode or pin code to participate in this call.

Also, please note that we only have space for 100 participants. It will be on a first come / first serve basis. Please dial in early to secure a space. If you do not get placed on the call, a recording of the call will be on our website at about one week after the audio conference along with the PowerPoint presentation.

You may download the presentation here:

Click Here for the PDF that accompanies the webinar
Click Here to Download the PowerPoint that accompanies the webinar


Don’t hesitate to contact your local Plus Group office for more information on how an affiliation will benefit your practice and your clients.