Extended Care Disrupts Every Plan

Why Extended Care Disrupts Every Plan to Secure a Client's Financial Future...And How You Can Engage With Your Clients To Solve This Problem

Long Term Care Insurance has rarely been given the attention it requires as an important protection product for clients.

The fact however is that the LTCI product plays a critical role in protecting retirement plans. Why it does and why advisors must now integrate the discussion is the focus of this information packed 30 minute webinar.

Nationally recognized elder law attorney Harley Gordon will explore three central themes:

  • How you can understand the subject matter and attendant consequences.
  • How to engage your clients in a discussion of the consequences of providing care over an extended period of years.
  • How to craft the appropriate plan and position LTCI as the preferred (and possibly only) funding source.

PLUS...you will learn more about opportunities for you to obtain your CLTC designation and how this demonstration of your professional commitment will help you gain your clients trust.


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